Papier 2020

4 - 21 June 2020

Public Virtual Edition: June 4 to 21, 2020


VIP Days: June 2 and 3 | Privileged access for VIP ticket holders

              *June 2: VIP Evening with VIP guests (more details to come)


The fair presents an enhanced program: a virtual activity every day.


We are pleased to announce our participation in Papier 2020. We will be exhibiting work from Guillaume Simoneau's new series, "MURDER", as well as a selection of earlier works. 


“MURDER” was produced in the seismic prefecture of Saga and the mountainous region of Kanazawa, Japan. Guillaume Simoneau seeks to honour the Japanese master in a violent and modern way. This same violence, juxtaposed with the calm and gentleness of his mother's instinctive images taken of their family while fostering baby crows 35 years earlier, presumes a romantic vision of both his childhood and of the past. The omnipresence of such oppositions and tensions in Simoneau’s work is because of his primary focus on the simultaneous presence of power and vulnerability, on the unique and fleeting coexistence of strengths and weaknesses. The sublime, the horrible, attention, negligence, youth, old age, gentleness, violence, day, night, life, and death: the layers are multiple and the proposal complex.