Bertrand Carrière | Le Capteur

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Hardcover, 8.25 x 9.5 inches

ISBN 9782981342768

197 pages, 142  color photographs

Published by Les Éditions du Renard

Texts by Mona Hakim & Emmanuel d'Autreppe


With Le capteur, Carrière continues his search for the small, marginal moments, details of his family life, and his travels—be they dark or luminous. Using motifs and recurring signs, he slowly builds an inner territory, a personal atlas where the ordinary meets the strange. Carrière also gives us notes from his diary, a series of lists that acts in counterpoint to the photographs. Conceived in the flow of the everyday, these poetic texts allow the construction of a constellation of mental images which in their accumulation become written contact sheets, accompanying the remarkable intensity of his photographs. In the afterword, Mona Hakim and Emmanuel d’Autreppe give us two essays that bring new light to the photographer’s work process.


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