Claudia Fährenkemper | Kontextforschung / Context Research: 1980 - 2022

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Softcover with fold-outs, 8.86 x 12 inch

ISBN: 9783969120842

256 pages, 225 illustrations

Published by DCV Books


Claudia Fährenkemper (b. Castrop-Rauxel, 1959; lives in Steinheim/Westfalen) photographs enormous as well as minuscule objects using scanning electron microscopes to produce images that are as fascinating as they are disconcerting. The play with extreme scales yields fantastic visual worlds: American desert and canyon landscapes, the giant industrial machinery of open-pit mines in Germany, insects, plant seeds, crystals, and plankton, plus historic armaments from Europe and Japan. The lavishly designed book is the first to gather works from her entire oeuvre, which now spans four decades. Surveying the most important of Fährenkemper’s conceptual series, it reveals unexpected interconnections between disparate motifs on vastly different scales from nature, technology, science, and cultural history.


With essays by Ludger Derenthal, Ulrika Evers, Martyna Lesniewska, and Patrick Mangelsdorff.



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