Lincoln Clarkes | Heroines Revisited

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ISBN: 9781772140712
Pages: 272 pp.
Size: 8.75 x 10.75 inches

Published by Anvil Press


Heroines Revisited is a follow-up volume to the original Heroines: Photographs by Lincoln Clarkes that was released by Anvil in 2002. This new edition features over 200 portraits accompanied by three new critical essays that contextualize the five-year photo project and the controversial body of work, as well as an interview with the artist.


In the late 1990s, photographer Lincoln Clarkes focused his lens on the marginalized, drug-addicted women living and working on the streets of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, capturing the dire circumstances that they endured. These indelible and haunting portraits have generated national and international debate. Many of the photographs in this newly curated collection have never been published before.


The project and the photographs garnered extensive media attention, which instigated immediate and profound impacts on the local community, social policies, and criminal investigations regarding Vancouver’s missing women.

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