Sanaz Mazinani | Signal to Noise

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Texts by Heather Snider, Sarah Knelman, and Valerie Behiery

Published by SF Camerawork Publications

68 pages 

Hardcover Book

ISBN 9780998801926


Sanaz Mazinani's multi-disciplinary work wields the transformative power of beauty and exploits the means by which repetition affects our association with visual information.  Signal to Noise is a hardcover book that elegantly presents the breadth of Mazinani’s work as it was installed at SF Camerawork gallery, including works from several different projects. 40 full-color reproductions capture natural light effects and provide full frame and detail treatments of Mazinani’s intricate photographic wall sculptures. Critical essays by authors Sara Knelman and Valerie Behiery provide insight to the artist’s work and process.

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