Sunil Gupta | Lovers: Ten Years On

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56 pages

Published by Stanley/Barker 


In 1984, Sunil Gupta’s first long-term relationship broke down shortly after arriving in London. He met his lover in the early 1970s when the impact of the gay movement upon the consciousness of gay men was gaining ground.


The arrival of HIV/AIDS in the 1980s changed the trajectory of the progress the gay community made in the previous decade. The media mounted a vicious campaign to label gay men as sick and irresponsible. This resulted in talk of reinstating repressive laws on the strength of this fallacy.

Despite this, couples came into their own. However, still without legal recognition, with the new emphasis on monogamy, social attitudes reverting to hostility, and the invisibility of day-to-day life for gay men in relationships, being a partner in the 1980s proved to be as difficult as it had been decades ago.


“These photographs were made in London. The couples define themselves as such by various criteria; some live together, some don’t, some have been together a short time, some a very long time, and soon. I believe the relationship between gay men is an important but often neglected component central to their lives.” - Sunil Gupta

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