Janet Dey is a Toronto-based visual artist whose work uses various mediums to explore matters of the mind, time, and our talent for invention and elaboration. Her current work with found portraits uses threads to invite an intimate and perhaps startling look at people long forgotten.


Dey's art often integrates photographs, text and fiber to explore concepts and deepen ideas. Through photography, painting, sculpture, drawing and fiber arts, her lifelong technical study has focused on the figure. Technical skills developed with fiber and Japanese paper include hand and machine embroidery, weaving, and book making.


Dey was born in Ontario, grew up in Montreal, and graduated from Queen's University. She was a senior real estate executive in both public and private sectors and is currently on a federal Audit and Evaluation Committee.  Dey taught at York University, chaired a Committee of the National Capital Commission, and was on the Boards of Sheridan College and Factory Theatre. Dey's work can be found in various private collections.