Hunting | A Group Exhibition

26 September - 25 October 2008

Exhibition Dates: September 26 – October 25, 2008


A group exhibition featuring:

Benoit Aquin, Tina Clark, Richard Harrington, Vid Ingelevics, Terence Koh, Les Krims & William Notman


Etymology: Middle English, from Old English huntian; akin to Old English hentan to seize,

Date: before 12th century

Transitive verb: 1 a: to pursue for food or in sport, b: to manage in the search for game,

2 a: to pursue with intent to capture b: to search out.


Never before has the human race been as conscious of the distance to our origins as hunters-gatherers. As society reflects upon the need for radical change in the way we inhabit the Earth there is a growing interest in closing this gap, especially in the way we feed ourselves. Whereas 20 years ago this social consciousness was firmly rooted in the camps of herbivores, more recently the desire to affect change is of equal interest to carnivores.