Larry Towell | The World From My Front Porch

9 February - 20 March 2008

Exhibition Dates: February 9 – March 20, 2008


The gallery is pleased to present its fifth exhibition of work by Larry Towell. As a student of Fine Arts at York University, he was schooled in the basics of photography, learning to use a camera and process black-and-white-film. Along with poetry, prose and music, Towell began to utilize photography as a tool to explore the inherent inequalities of society, a pursuit that he continues to this day.


Towell’s work is an investigation of land and belonging – believing that land makes people who they are, and that the loss of land is synonymous with a loss of identity. In previous projects, Towell’s reportage of war and famine showed families in dire conditions.  Between travels, he began a photo-essay of his own family life.  “The World from My Front Porch” is the culmination of 20 years of photographing his wife, Ann, and their four children, mostly made within 100 yards of the front porch of their 75-acre sharecrop farm in Shetland, Ontario.