Jeff Thomas | Where Are You From?

30 April - 11 June 2022

Exhibition Dates: April 30 – June 11, 2022


During CONTACT, Toronto's annual photography festival, the gallery is pleased to present “Where Are You From?”, our third solo exhibition with urban-Iroquois curator and photographer Jeff Thomas.


Artist Statement:

Toronto has played an important role in the development of my career. My story begins in commemoration and as a review of what has transpired since I first photographed my seven-year-old son, Bear, on Queen Street West in the summer of 1984. “Where Are You From?” reflects on the challenges of being an urban born and raised Indigenous person, and the potential of the photographic image to tell my story. In the late 1970s I was living in my hometown of Buffalo, New York, and my interest in photography led to my street-based photographic documentary of downtown Buffalo. It was during those early years that I met an Indigenous man who asked where I was from and I found myself stumbling for a response. Why should this be a difficult question to answer?