Sara Angelucci | Nocturnal Botanical

4 May - 15 June 2024

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 4, 2-5pm

Guided Tour of the Exhibition with Sara Angelucci: Saturday, May 4, 3pm

Exhibition Dates: May 4 – June 15, 2024


Stephen Bulger Gallery is pleased to present Nocturnal Botanical, our third solo exhibition of work by Sara Angelucci. The exhibition brings together two ongoing companion bodies of work, Nocturnal Botanical Ontario and Bella di Notte, for the first time.


Angelucci began creating botanical images in 2018 working with a scanner, in situ at night. The series began accidentally, as she retreated to the solace of her small city garden to process the deep grief of losing her sister. Working in solitude, she began to notice the smallest things—the obedient plants’ movable petals, the wild bellflower, and a single columbine growing beneath the peony bush. Reveling in this micro-world, it occurred to her that even grief offered gifts. Reading about the decline, and imminent extinction of species across the planet, her need to mourn expanded beyond her personal circle. During the pandemic Angelucci began to work in fields and forests near her cottage in the Pretty River Valley, Ontario, immersing herself in the natural world. She continues this endeavour expanding her botanical explorations to ponds, and river shores and exploring plant life in the changing seasons.