Adoptive | A Group Exhibition

27 January - 3 March 2018

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 27, 2-5pm

Exhibition Dates: January 27 - March 3, 2018


Stephen Bulger Gallery is pleased to present "Adoptive", a group exhibition of work by artists Katrien De Blauwer, Janet Dey, Gilbert Garcin, Peter Horvath, Sanaz Mazinani, and Alison Rossiter.


Appropriation too often spawns a disregard of the responsibilities one has when nurturing the ideas of others into something newly created. The word "adoption" comes closer to describing the level of care one should take when using someone else's creativity as a basis for their own. Ideally, the process is one of collaboration, where each element is as important as the other. Building upon the ideas of others is a methodology illustrated in this exhibition featuring work by an exemplary group of image-makers.