1955 | A Group Show

21 January - 18 February 2012

Exhibition Dates: January 21 – February 18, 2012


Fascinated by the optimism of the 1950s, Stephen Bulger has long considered 1955 to be the epitome of this era, so often mythologized and made nostalgic in North American mass media. 


This exhibition contains works by various makers, all photographed in 1955, displaying many different approaches to photography:


1955 begins with Larry Morris’ photograph of The Times Square New Year's Eve Party welcoming in 1955, which was the 50th anniversary of the first celebration at One Times Square.  


Charles Swedlund, a twenty year old native of Chicago who had graduated from the famed Institute of Design and, in 1955, delved into an intense year of image making. On exhibit are selections of his multiple exposures from the series called “Chicago,” as well as selections from his series “Firefighters”.


George S. Zimbel travelled America in 1955 and received an assignment to photograph New Orleans. His take on the city was a rawer look than was wanted by the client, who offered only a ‘kill fee’ after seeing the photographs. Images from this series have been acquired by major museums around the world, and were published as Bourbon Street, New Orleans 1955 [les éditions du passage, 2006.]. This trip confirmed George’s love of Elaine Sernovitz, to whom he proposed from El Paso. They rendezvoused in New Orleans and were married there on Feb 3, 1955.