Laura Letinsky | After All

7 - 30 April 2011

Exhibition Dates: April 7 – April 30, 2011

Reception for the Artist: Saturday, April 9, 2-5pm


The gallery is pleased to announce our fourth solo exhibition by Laura Letinsky. In “After All,” Letinsky builds on her past work “Hardly More Than Ever,” an exploration of the genre of still-life.  Letinsky’s use of oblique lines of perspective and depth, juxtaposition of incongruent objects, and exquisitely controlled gradations of light are a forum upon which ideas surrounding food, desire, and death are illuminated.


“After All” includes a selection of photographs from “Hardly More Than Ever” and Letinsky’s recent series “The Dog and the Wolf” as both are influenced by Dutch-Flemish and Italian still-life paintings. “Venus Inferred,” our first exhibition with Letinsky, described couples in love; now we witness the metaphoric aftermath of those relationships: empty tables, decomposing fruit, desiccated scraps, and discarded utensils. These lush momento mori constructions are reminders of both the potential bounty of pleasure, and its fleeting nature.