The gallery is not currently accepting portfolio submissions, but will continue to remain active looking for new work to represent.


If you are interested in approaching galleries with your work, we suggest you look at the guidelines we’ve followed in the past. These guidelines are similar with what most commercial galleries such as ours expect to see when looking at submissions of new work, so we hope you find them useful.  




Before dropping off your work for consideration at a gallery, we recommend that it fulfills the following specifications:


  • A cover letter and CV
  • Your portfolio should consists of 10-20 exhibition-quality prints (i.e., as they would appear in a show, not mini-lab prints, not work prints etc.). If your exhibition prints are larger than 20 x 24 inch, it is recommend that you submit ONLY 1 exhibition quality print, so that you offer a frame of reference when looking through the remainder of your portfolio (which, in these instances, could be “portfolio sized” prints or digital images on a CD or USB). Exhibition-quality prints, or Artist Proofs, offer an example of your print making expertise.
  • The work contains a coherent theme (not a “best of” portfolio).
  • The prints are loose or matted (not framed), and safely housed in a proper storage container. Please ensure that your portfolio can be easily repacked.
  • Your name, address, telephone number and e-mail are clearly displayed.
  • You should have a good idea of the material that the gallery displays regularly. Use the gallery website to familiarize yourself with the types of artists and works that are represent to determine if your work is suited to the gallery.


If you are looking for a portfolio review we recommend participating in the various portfolio review sessions that different organizations and festivals such as CONTACT, Gallery 44, Houston FOTOFEST, or Rhubarb offer. These events usually provide you with 20 minutes of personal time with a cross section of photography professionals. Stephen Bulger has participated in many such reviews and can personally vouch for their usefulness.