The Toronto Show | A Group Exhibtion

20 January - 26 February 2011

A group exhibition featuring work by Scott Conarroe, Joseph Hartman, Josef Hoflehner, Volker Seding, Dario Zini, as well as historical photographs by renowned and unknown photographers


Exhibition Dates: January 20 – February 26  

Reception for the Artists: Saturday, January 22, 2-5pm


The gallery is pleased to present contemporary and historical photographs of Toronto. Although Toronto has been seen as Canada’s centre of the photographic industry for the past 100 years, images of the city are not as prevalent as one might suspect. This exhibition offers a salon-style hanging of historical photographs spanning the late 19th Century through the 1970s by such makers as: Charles Gooch; Arthur Goss; William, Henry Jackson; Albert Kish; Ian MacEachern; Vincenzo Pietropaolo; C.D. Woodley and others. It will also feature contemporary photographs taken by Scott Conarroe, Joseph Hartman, Josef Hoflehner, Volker Seding and Dario Zini, each of which offer unique perspectives on today’s Toronto.