People, Places, Things

18 November - 23 December 2023

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 18, 2-5pm

Exhibition Dates: November 18 – December 23, 2023


Stephen Bulger Gallery is pleased to present “People, Places, Things: A Group Exhibition”. 


Photography had been a long-anticipated invention. It is assumed this was an unrealized dream for centuries, born through the desire to accurately represent our reality without human intervention before its invention in the early decades of the 19th century.


When the daguerreotype process was announced in 1839, the public was transfixed. Previous reports of successes in fixing images through the actions of light and chemistry became a fascination to the public, marveling at its accurate representation of our world.


Since that time, the reliability of truth in photographs has been rightly questioned. A photograph presents a photographer’s version of a truthful statement. As a source of information, a photographic image often serves to symbolize important people, places, events, and objects. A photographic record can be a hallmark of the past, and a reminder of human activities at their best and worst. While aware of a photograph’s inherent biases, a viewer can scrutinize the information captured within a frame and ponder those representations of reality. Photographs trigger responses based on our private memories and shared experiences, bringing them back to life.


Our exhibition will contain highlights of work made by the artists and photographers the gallery represents, as well as a selection of secondary market items owned by the gallery, and the many consignors who entrust us with finding new homes for the photographs that have enriched their lives. The collection of photographs spanning over 150 years includes works covering a variety of genres, processes, and intent. Acknowledging photography’s ability to provide masterworks at many levels of quality, photographs will be priced to fit a variety of budgets. Photographs will be available to purchase and collect before the exhibition closes in recognition of the holiday season.